A rich and surprising story.

Created after 1st World War in 1921, the “Industrial and Agricultural Society of the Somme” had the goal to grow our region by investing in the sugar factory industries, distillery factories and farms.

And after?

From sugar fabrication to fruits preparations, the company evolved and left France for South Korea. The factory decided then to produce sauces and cook meals.

It was to come back stronger! After 100 years, it’s in Roye, France, at the crossroads of Europe that Sias decided to be with one determining mission: to help European consumers discover the diversity and richness of Asian gastronomy.

What are we bringing?

More than 20 years of expertise

With master in the authentic flavours through our sauces and cooked meals. 
Sias offers a unique trip by mixing our expertise, our technology of Asian cooking, French certifications for productions, high standard quality and more importantly the taste!

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Rue du Champ Macret
80700 Roye, France