Our expertise

Our aim is to introduce our customers and our consumers the best dishes from Asia. 

Our expertise: to offer you a culinary trip during your meal and give only the best: the taste!

Our high technology and our expertise directly from Asia allow us to reproduce the same taste while keeping the high standard quality from Europe.

Our vision

At Sias, diversity and chance equality are highly valuable, with us, talent and tenacity are above everything else. It’s important for us to be involved on our local environment but also with our team, to favour cohesion and sharing. We share our values with our team to grow, together.

We are always searching for new ways to improve our working conditions. Our employees are responsible and independent in their daily work. We favour working skills, management, and personal development, while keeping wellness and fulfilment at work.

Training, factory visit… every employee is immersed in the factory state of mind and work construction so they can understand how we work and the role they will play in the factory.

We are also looking to preserve natural resources and always search new ways to optimise our environmental impact.

100% of our recipes

are made in France

100% of our recipes

are made with ingredients thoroughly found

100% of our ingredients

are under a strict specifications file

100% of our packaging

are recyclable

R&D and innovation

Our goal is to offer innovative recipes that will answer the consumer needs by founding tomorrow’s must haves!

Our strength, go to what really matters, to be fast and flexible, to listen and give you recipes with high quality, healthy all of it Made in France!

Trained in South Korea, our R&D team takes their inspiration from the Asian traditions but also their culinary methods to reveal the true and authentic taste of Asia.

Every recipe is developed to create something unique and to have your consumer’s travel to an astonishing trip of taste.


Quality is the heart of our strategy. At Sias, we make quality controls during our entire production process.

Selection and control of raw materials and testing of our suppliers

Controls of finished goods on the microbiological, physicochemical, and organoleptic aspects.

A complete control of the traceability with an ERP on point and custom-made.

Finally, we take the environmental impact very seriously: we rather take small circuits and quality standards are adapted to our concerns.

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